Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

Somerville, Tennessee
"....Proud to call Fayette County Home"

     State of Tennessee

Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 411
107 W Court Street
Somerville TN 38068

Phone:  901.465.8690
Fax:  901.465.6497
Email:  fcc@fayettecountychamber.net

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First Fayette County Courthouse

Records show that the first courthouse in Fayette County was built in Somerville in 1825.  The 20 square foot, one story building had no floor and rough wooden benches.  To replace this primitive courthouse, a brilliant brick and iron courthouse was erected in 1876.

The structure was three stories tall with three towers.  Atop the center tower perched a statue of Lady Justice, the moral force that underlies the legal system.  Just below, a four-sided clock designed to keep perfect time.  Tragically, this courthouse burned down in February of 1925.



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